Club Racing

Racing takes place on Monday and Thursday at the Stony Plain BXM Track.  Races start at 7:00PM.  Be sure to check the information bar at the top of the page on race days to ensure that the night's races are on.

Wednesday evenings are reserved for practice nights.  Practice times are 6:30 to 7:30PM for Novice riders and 7:30 to 8:30PM for Intermediate and Expert riders.  On practice nights the head coach and experience riders will organize the riders into groups and work on various techniques to improve rider skill.  The older, more experienced riders will aid in training and mentoring novice riders.

Race Night Schedules

  • Online Registration - Race day only until 5:30PM
  • Phone Registration - Race day only from 5:30 to 6:30PM.  Call 780-977-4BMX (4269)
  • In Person Registration - Race day only from 5:30 to 6:30PM at the moto shed
  • Race Night Warm-Up - The track is open for warm-up starting at 5:30PM on race nights. The track is closed to the public at this time. Riders practice at their own risk as there is not a certified First Aid volunteer on the track until racing begins.  Be aware that there may be volunteers on the track preparing for race night.  During this time we ask that the riders proceed along the whole track and leave the track at the finish line to ensure everyone's safety.
  • Race Registration Confirmation - Confirmation sheets will be posted following the closing of registration at 6:30PM.  It is up to the rider to ensure that their registration is confirmed and that they are slotted in the correct age and ability groups.
  • Moto Posting - Motos will be posted by 6:45PM.  Beside each rider's name there will be a set of numbers.  The first number in each set represents the moto (race) and the second number is the lane number.
  • Racing - Racing begins at 7:00PM.  The announcer will call all riders to the staging area, which is located behind the start hill.  Volunteers will call each moto's riders when their race time is approaching.  There will also be a staging volunteer at the top of the start hill to get each rider in to the appropriate lane.
  • Main Events - If there are more than 8 riders in one class there will be a main event to determine final ranking.  The main events will take place at the conclusion of the scheduled motos.