June 10 Newsletter

All racers and volunteers MUST be registered by 6:30
Our Track Operator cannot build our motos until our racers are registered, so late registrations means late racing start, and late racing start makes for antsy kids, grouchy parents and late late nights. 
Volunteers - if you volunteer to be on the track, you need to be on the track as soon as you sign your name to the sheet or there is a rider out there. NO EXCEPTIONS

To register your racer on race day
Until 5:30 SHARP
From 5:30 to 6:30
text: 780-977-4BMX(269)

Please also remember that we are all parents of BMX'ers on the track
and filling volunteer positions oursevles :) 

Bring A Buddy Day

June 13, 6:30pm - Wednesday is BMX night in Stony Plain!
This is your opportunity to bring a friend (Or a whole bunch of friends) to the track and show them what BMX is all about.  Please note that parents MUST sign a waiver in order for kids to ride the track while we are using it, so technically we should call this event bring a buddy and their parents!! Night ;)

Wednesday’s format will be open track the whole night, so come for an hour or stay even longer, the choice is yours! Coach Kiran will be out on the track with the kids but we will not be running gates. 

We will be selling Burgers and Hot Dogs with Chips and a drink for $5 – yes, FIVE DOLLARS! It’s such a steal, how can you say no?

We will have some special guests with us – Mayor Choy & some reporters, so please wear whatever Stony Plain Jersey you have at the time to show support. We will be pulling all the Stony kids at some point in the evening to pose for a picture with Mayor Choy, but he will also be out on the track looking for kids to bike with! He joined us last year and had a great time with the kids, so lets show him the same again this year. 
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We will be looking for some additional help Wedneseday night (all positions first come first served): a bbq’er and a bbq assistant, one to two extra flag people depending on track traffic and a volunteer to help sign waivers. 

How Wins are awarded & racers advanced

It’s that time of year when we start to see riders advance in ability.
A ‘win’ is defined as a racer’s placement of first overall in one race night. Final placement is determined by a series of points awarded across all three motos.
Basically, the lower your points the better you place.
First =1pt, Second=2pts, Third=3pts, Fourth=4pts, Fifth=5pts, Sixth=6pts, Seventh=7pts, Eighth=8pts etc.
So knowing the point system it is easier to understand how someone could place First, First and Fifth for a total of 7pts, but end up Second overall to someone who placed Second, Second and First for a total of 5pts.
In the event of a points tie, the racer with the lowest points in the third moto takes the better position.
It is important to note that tracking wins is YOUR responsibility not ours, however we cannot advance your racer until we receive confirmation from Alberta Bicycle.  Wins carry over from our sister tracks and provincial races, so make sure you’re counting those as well!! 
Once you think your racer has reached 10 or is close, please send a quick email to info@albertabicycle.ab.ca , cc’ing trackoperator@stonyplainbmx.comwith your racers name and license number asking them to confirm.
We LOVE to celebrate our racers’ achievements so once an advancement is confirmed please be sure to talk to Tyla in the motoshed or email her (above). We will then post an announcement on Social media (with your permission) to celebrate!
Boys Class Advancements:
Novice moves to Intermediate after 10 wins
Intermediate moves to Expert after 20 wins as an intermediate
Girls Class Advancements:
Novice moves to Expert after 20 wins (there is no intermediate class)

Aurora Lights Series 

June 15, Edmonton -Friday night in Edmonton
This is a team event, so the more racers that we have show up the better our chances are of winning.  The prizing is top secret but we can say with absolute certainty that it is going to be EPIC. 
Also, if you’re planning on racing in the Edmonton Provincial, this is a great warm up race for you.

This IS a DBL points district race, but the series itself is a club/team competition that will be scaled in a way to even out the larger and smaller clubs. 
Cost is $5, and you will be given a raffle ticket at each race you do. So the more races you do, the more likely you are to win a prize. ALL entry funds collected go back into prizing. Prizing WILL be rad. 
The team that wins the series will get to keep the soon to be revealed Aurora trophy for the year, AND A MAJOR AWARD that is the clubs to keep. 
Registration available on site only at the moment, we will let you know if that changes. 

Provincial Series 1 & 2

June 23 & 24 - Registration for Edmonton's Provincial is open folks! 
Click here for a direct link to Alberta BMX.
Provincial races are open to ALL BMX ATHLETES with an alberta BMX license. It's an incredible experience, and we encourage all of our athletes to try to fit in at least one race if they can.  
What does Series 1 & 2 mean?  Well, it means that Saturday's series of races are race 1 and Sundays are race 2.


This weekend’s OTB Clinics camp was amazingWe had an awesome session on Saturday, unfortunately the fun ended due to weather. We have booked our make up day for August 11th. We will also be offering a one day pass for Sunday August 12 ($90 reg fee). If you have any questions or concerns please email Kiran at otbclinics@gmail.com.

Camp Cools will be August 17 & 18, with registration details to follow.  Not sure who "Cools" is? Google Ken Cools or look up Camp Cools on Facebook. You won't be disappointed


Race Kits have started to arrive and jerseys are in transit! 
Which leads me to one very big oversight:  Our sponsor.  NONE of this would be possible for us this year without a very generous contribution from our RaceTeam sponsor, Mattamy Homes.  So please go out and give them some social media love, and if you are in the market for a new house make them your first stop.  But only look at their closer developments, so you stay with our club ;)

We are still waiting on 10 Bags, so as soon as they are in we will let affected athletes know.  
Wednesay night is race night in Edmonton, and ALL of our athletes have been invited out to test the track ahead of Friday’s Aurora Series race and the following weekend’s provincial. It is also Bring a Buddy Day so if your athlete has made plans to meet a friend at the track make sure you find out before you get to Edmonton! 

Compete 2 Contribute

We are in in full swing so please encourage your racers creating cards and pictures (and siblings! AND PARENTS!!!  This is a GREAT thing to do while waiting for races to start). We will be coordinating hand out days shortly, but want to have a solid stash of happy messaging and feel good cards at the ready when the time comes. 

Not sure what we are talking about? Come see us in the motoshed and we'll fill you in! Your help could bring in up to $15,000 for the track! 

Important Dates

In a Nutshell, here’s what you need to know to get you through June’s BMX schedule
Bring a Buddy (to practice) -  June 13, 6:30pm
Aurora Series Race 1 – June 15 in Edmonton, details to come
Edmonton Provincial Series 1&2 – June 23 & 24
Red Deer Provincial Series 3&4 - July 21&22 - BOOK YOUR HOTEL NOW. Red Deer BMX has a block but it will expire soon.... 
Lethbridge Provincial Series 5&6 - Aug 11&12
OTB Clinics Rainout BMX Camp + 1 Day add on – August 11&12
Camp Cools -August 17&18, reg details to follow
St Albert Canada Cup/Provincial Series 7&8 - Aug 25&26
Okotoks Grands (Provincial Series Finals) - Sept 8&9

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