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Camp Cools

There is always a wide range of ages (4-65) and skill levels (beginner to Elite) that attend each camp and we make sure to cover and teach all skill sets for each level and push each individual athletes according to their own ability. 

The speeches that are given on all major areas of the race track have been developed over the years to a point where the progression of the skills taught will be a reflection of the abilities of those kids in attendance. Areas that will be taught on the track are:
• Gates
• Pumping
• Manualing (single, double, nose, multiple)
• Jumping
• Corners (If track has good turns)
• Race lines and tactical approach

A number of subjects will also be covered off the track, which will have a psychological component to them. Areas covered are:
• Self believe and Self confidence
• Pre-race routine
• Goal Setting
• Race Day Prep

Camp times will be:
Saturday - 10:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday - 9:00am - 2:00pm

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OTB Clinic Makeup Weekend

The last OTB clinic was rained out on the second day.  This weekend contains the makeup day for those who were registered the first time around, along with an additional second day for those who are interested in some extra training!  Times are subject to change.  Please watch the OTB Facebook page for more details.

The OTB Clinic runs from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM both days.

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BMX Info Session & Gear Swap

Our Annual Registration & Gear Swap day has finally arrived, and although the weather doesn’t seem to understand it’s spring, we are ready!

REGISTRATION: We have streamlined with Alberta Bicycle so that there is one page for everything – Registration and Licensing. The Direct link to Zone4 is:

GEAR SWAP: Tables will be set up upstairs for anyone looking to sell their old BMX gear. Please arrive at 12:45 in order to have everything ready to go. Participation in the gear swap is free for all Stony Plain BMX members.

While we facilitate the gear swap, you are responsible for the sale and management of your own items.  It is helpful to have all items labelled with a price (painters tape and a sharpie work well!) before arriving.  Also consider bringing a small float to provide change if it applies, as we will not have any cash on site.

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