August 12 Newsletter- it's a big week!

Parents, we've got your back

This week is a week Chalk Full of BMX, so don't worry, we've got dinner covered.
$5 gets you the following (and includes a pop or water!)

Monday – Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
Thursday – Smokies and Hot Dogs
Friday – Taco Bags
Saturday & Sunday – Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Taco Bags

Aurora Northern Series

We are in first – BY ONE POINT! 
So this means you need to cancel ALL your plans for Friday and plan to come to our track for the final stop in our Aurora Northern Series race. 
This is truly a team race, which means we need ALL the racers out there in their green and black, showing our BMX community how proud we are to be Stony Racers.
Registration on our website until 5:30 Friday, or on site until 6:30.

Camp Cools

Register online ahead of time, or on site Saturday/Sunday. 
Get your athletes in prime racing condition physically and Mentally with Ken's unique approach to racing. We have a couple of big weekends of racing left, and we promise you won't walk away from Camp Cools without learning a heck of a lot - parents, this means you too! 

There is always a wide range of ages (4-65) and skill levels (beginner to Elite) that attend each camp and we make sure to cover and teach all skill sets for each level and push each individual athletes according to their own ability. For more info please follow the link above. 

Track Update

Is our track ever looking fiiiiiiine for this weekend!
Thank you for your patience with all the work our volunteers have done over the past couple of weeks.
We owe a big huge thank you to the moms, dads and other awesome people who stopped everything they were doing over the last two weeks in order to make sure our track changes were done correctly and safely. This even includes a dad whose kids don't race any more! He was biking by, saw some work being done and decided to come in and help out. How amazing is that!?

Lethbridge Provincial Series

Talk about Dedication to the sport! 
This weekend we had a contingent of (die hard) athletes make their way (to the far far) south to compete in Lethbridge.  Awesome job! 
And kudos to you parents - we hope your drive to and from was uneventful and you're enjoying a well-deserved rest tonight :) 

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer sign up for all the things that are this weekend are available at the motoshed. Please help out!

Compete to Contribute 

Compete to Contribute Rocks rock!
Many of you have painted a rock at the track but haven't sent us your proof of involvement picture.  We NEED you to please snap a picture of your child placing your rock in the great outdoors. 
Place it somewhere another person can see it and get joy from it. 
Photos can be sent to Lei, and if you post, please please PLEASE use #ctc_parkland with your post (you can back-edit pics you've already posted with this hash tag.  It really will make a difference!)
Another picture handout day is being planned. 
Remember, this is our chance to inspire kindness in the community while potentially winning cash for our club!  Whether you're new with us, or have been part of the SPBMX family for a while, we need you to be involved!

Important Dates

In a Nutshell, here’s what you need to know to get you through our summer BMX schedule

Stony Plain Aurora Northern Series Wrap Up - August 17
Camp Cools -August 18&19
St Albert Canada Cup/Provincial Series 7&8 - Aug 25&26
Okotoks Grands (Provincial Series Finals) - Sept 8&9

Stony Plain BMX Shop -