May 21 Newsletter

Hello Stony Racers
We hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend - just a reminder that we do not host races on holidays, so there will be no racing on Monday Night! Regular season resumes with Tuesday Night Race Team practice. 

We have some sponsorship opportunities still available, most of which include a prominently displayed road-facing sign with your logo on it! Please contact Sue Mitschke ( if you or your company is interested.  

We know racing is exciting - but there has been a lot of garbage left around the track.  Our track is entirely Volunteer-run, which means if you’re not picking up after yourself, a volunteer has to. And the worst volunteer job ever is garbage duty so… pease be mindful to ensure you are leaving the track with everything you bring, and waste is put into the appropriate bin. 

Please remember that being race ready means that jerseys must be tucked in (so they don’t catch in tires etc) and helmets must be put on and strapped properly. If your child - big OR little - is able to take their helmet on or off without adjusting the strap, that helmet will not protect them in event of a fall. Our commissaires check helmets and jerseys before each gate, so please take a moment to double check gear before sending racers on their way. And on that note….

Please, parents this is sooooo important.  There is absolutely zero tolerance anywhere on our property (within the fence line or parking lot) for riding bikes without helmets.  Big kids, moms and dads this is you too - you need to set a good example for all those little eyes watching your every move!  We don’t want to have to implement a “punishment” for something that should just be common sense. Our noggins are our most valuable asset, so lets protect them. 

This is an amazing grant-like program that has been put together by prominent businesses in our community. In order to “compete” for the opportunity to receive up to $15,000 in funding (think: we could get lights!! Improve our corners!!! Look at a loaner program!!!  SOO MANY OPTIONS!!!), non profit organizations are asked to give back to the community. Each competitor is assigned a community mentor. Here’s a message from ours! 

Hello Stony Plain BMX!
My name is Dave Oldham, and I am excited to work with your organization this year in the Compete to Contribute program.
I am a teacher at Spruce Grove Composite High School in the special education program, and a Councillor for the City of Spruce Grove.  I love working with youth and also have various experiences in community projects and fundraising.
For those who are not familiar with the initiative, I invite you to check out the website:
In short, a local group of businesses have partnered together to inspire and empower youth to make a difference in their community.  The rewards are many, but specifically the chance to earn thousands of dollars for the organization while developing lifelong skills in our youth and making a positive impact in our community.  
The initiative starts now and goes until the end of July.  I will be at the BMX track on Wednesday May 23rd from about 7:15-8:45 and look forward to meeting some of the athletes and families. The more people we can get involved, the better chance we have to both make a difference and win the competition!  
An important aspect of the competition is real involvement from the youth.  I would like to establish and mentor a leadership group of athletes who are interested in developing some great skills, having some fun, and potentially raising thousands of dollars for the organization.  If your son/daughter would be interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly ( /780-221-1954) or chat with me at the track on Wednesday.

Thanks- and see you soon!

Coach Kiran’s June camp is filling up fast. Check Out his Facebook page or take a minute to talk to him about it at the track if you’re interested. Just don’t wait too long!

If you’ve ever been to the Farmers Days parade, you’ve probably seen our BMX racers biking the course, showing off their moves and handing out candy as they go. It is an incredibly fun day for the kids, so please consider putting aside time on Saturday June 2 so your kids can participate.  All they need is their bikes, helmets and jerseys. 

And what could be better than topping a day of community fun off with a night at the pub??  We still have tickets available via our website and Concession, $25 each.  Each family is required to purchase 2.

And finally, THANK YOU!! For a fantastic first two weeks of racing.  We are still working out some of our early season kinks as well, but so far May has been AMAZING. Registration is still open and going strong! Don’t forget that we are hosting a June 13 Bring a Buddy practice night. Bring your friends and show them how much fun they could be having aaaaallllllllll summer long with you.