ALL The Deets you need for the next 7 Days...

Here we go, into this crazy BMX-filled month of June.
We have a Parade, Community Day, Pub Night, OTB Camp,
Aurora Series and Edmonton Provincials race
...hold onto your hats folks, because we are full steam ahead!


Our Parents Pub night is Saturday night! If you haven’t already, head over to our shop and purchase your tickets – families are required to buy 2 at $25 each.  Each ticket gets you a free drink, appies and an evening full of fun with your BMX besties!
See you at 7 at the Canadian Brew House ;)


If your racer would like to join us in the Farmers Day Parade on June 2, have them at at the track no later than 10:30. Our road is used for staging for the entire parade, so anyone wanting to park or drop off kids needs to do so before 10:30 or you will have to park elsewhere and walk them in. 
Riders helmets, jerseys pants and gloves are mandatory. Bring your water bottles and wear sunscreen and bug spray.
Push Bike riders are welcome, but push parents please plan to accompany your little on the route.  All other parents (Unless you are an adult racer or have already made arrangements) are welcome to find a spot along the parade route to watch their rider.
The parade runs from 12:00 until 1:30. We’ll be handing out bookmarks and candy!! 

TWO Training Camps! 

No, you're not seeing double!
We are hosting two incredible BMX camps this summer, and they are going to be AMAZING! 

  1. OTB Clinics - June 9-10  $150/2 days, $90/1 day
    This clinic was off the hook last June! Coach Kiran brought an A list of pros out to help teach racers all they knew and he has even more planned for this year! 
    This camp is running two weeks ahead of the Edmonton Provincials, and is a great way to get your athlete ready for that awesome weekend of racing. 
    Registration is still open, but the camp is filling up fast! We have opened up a link on our website to purchase your tickets, or simply email Coach Kiran
  2. Camp Cools -  Aug 18-19 
    If you know BMX, you know Ken.  And if you don't, you have GOT look him up. He has coached the best of the best all over the world, and his talk on mental preparation alone is a game changer (yes, even for littles!). 
    This camp is mid August, with the intention of readying your racers for that final end of season push. Registration is not yet open, but it will fill up. 


Parents needed!  June 8 3:30-6
We have details! We are able to set up a little obstacle course for attendees, so we are looking for 2 adults and racers to join us to help show the community what Stony Plain BMX is all about!


Hey Race Team! We’re goin’ to St Albert!
Race team practice will take place at St Albert Track Tuesday, June 5. This is their weekly race night and Stony is going to INVADE!
Arrive at 5:45, be track ready for 6pm with coaches Kiran and Deven.  Time depending, we will have some post-race coaching for racers as well.
Register for racing here by 4:00:
Registration onsite & by phone till 6:30pm


There is a great big stack of licenses in the Motoshed…. If you haven’t picked yours up, go see Tyla! If you want to race at another track you MUST have that license with you.  (This means YOU RaceTeam athletes)

Important Dates

In a Nutshell, here’s what you need to know to get you through June’s BMX schedule
Farmers Days Parade – June 2
Parents Pub Night –June 2, 7PM Canadian Brew House
Stony Plain Dental Community BBQ - Friday June 8 3:30
Bring a Buddy (to practice) -  June 13, 6:30pm
OTB Clinics BMX Camp – June 9&10
Aurora Series Race 1 – June 15 in Edmonton, details to come
Edmonton Provincial Series 1&2 – June 23 & 24