July 29 Newsletter

Modified Training Schedule this week! 
The track looks INCREDIBLE with all the changes that were done to it this weekend (It's CRAZY to think that it was all done in two days!!). However we still have some final touches to do to the 3rd & 4th straights, so there won't be coaching this week: 

Monday – racing as usual
Tuesday – Race Team Practice will be open track with no coaching and 1&2 straights only.
Wednesday – Club Team Practice will be open track with no coaching and 1&2 straights only.
Thursday – racing as usual

Please also stick to email and facebook for further weather and schedule updates.  

Work Bee Update

Holy cow that was a lot of work you guys, and you did it with smiles. We have the best club. 
If you were anywhere near the track this weekend, you would have seen a whole bunch of BMX people working their butts off on the hottest weekend of the year to clean up and change the track – and IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!

We posted some pics on facebook of all the action, but seriously – make a point to race Monday night so you can see for yourselves.  The Third and Fourth straight are completely different.  And by completely different, we mean completely ah-mazing!

Aurora Lights

St Albert was awesome, way to go guys!
Next up is the last race of the series at our track. We will need volunteers signed up ahead of time, so Lei will have a sheet up shortly for you. 

Lethbridge Provincial Aug 11&12

Our next provincial is in Lethbridge! It’s a big trek, but completely worth the drive for a weekend of fun racing at a new venue.  Registration is not open yet, but keep checking Facebook and the Alberta BMX website/fb page.
If it’s too far for you to travel, remember Coach Kiran is hosting a one day camp on the Sunday, sign up via our online store or direct to him.

August Race Camps

August 11 & 12 - OTB Clinics Camp & Rain out date
If you're attending to make up for their rain out date, you're good! If you would like to join us or add an additional sunday training day, please follow the link above.  

August 17 & 18 - Camp Cools is Coming to Stony!
There is always a wide range of ages (4-65) and skill levels (beginner to Elite) that attend each camp and we make sure to cover and teach all skill sets for each level and push each individual athletes according to their own ability. For more info please follow the link above. 

Volunteer Hours

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to make our track as successful as it is! We couldn’t do it without you.  Remember that any additional work needs to be communicated to Lei so she can record it. 
We really really HATE cashing volunteer cheques, and want to give you as many opportunities as possible to meet your obligation.  Last year the season ended mid-september, which gives us just over 6 weeks of racing left in the season! Now is the time to start picking off those hours.

Compete to Contribute 

Rocks are ROCKING!!
(We are totally using that phrase every time, because it's so rocking! ) 

But we also need cards. Please encourage your racers (or take time yourself!) to create a card to hand out.  Post it on social media or email it to Lei to post on your behalf.

Important Dates

In a Nutshell, here’s what you need to know to get you through our summer BMX schedule
Red Deer Provincial Series 3&4 - July 21&22. Holiday Inn Red Deer hotels give a wicked discount to Red Deer BMX family members. That's us. You should book with them. 
St Albert Aurora Northern Series Race #3 - July 27
Lethbridge Provincial Series 5&6 - Aug 11&12
OTB Clinics Rainout BMX Camp + 1 Day add on – August 11&12
Stony Plain Aurora Northern Series Wrap Up - August 16
Camp Cools -August 17&18, reg details to follow
St Albert Canada Cup/Provincial Series 7&8 - Aug 25&26
Okotoks Grands (Provincial Series Finals) - Sept 8&9

Stony Plain BMX Shop -