July 23 Newsletter

Work Bee Notice
This is short notice and we're sorry for that but we have just received confirmation that we are having dirt delivered TOMORROW (Tuesday). 
Like a LOT of dirt. 
So we are calling a work bee on Saturday and Sunday
(rain out Tuesday & Wednesday nights)!! 

Aside from the work bee duties, our Track Maintenance team
has been hard at work on a new design
for the third and fourth straight. 
This is sooo big, and it's going to make our track sooo fun!

So here are the deets: 
Saturday & Sunday, 8am-4pm

We are in need of
-Manpower (time worked goes towards your work bee commitment)
-bobcat/skid steer
-lawn mower
-weed wackers

Please contact Michel 
if you're able to join us this weekend! 

Aurora Lights THIS FRIDAY!!

This Friday Night is Aurora Lights in St Albert! 
Register on site Friday night, or avoid the rush and register in advance online

Rider Sheets Posted at 6:30

This is just a gentle reminder that although racing starts at 7, we post Rider sheets at 6:30 and need everyone checking them at that time.  6:45 and 6:50 is too late - by then our wonderful Track Operator is already building the night's motos. Reporting errors on the rider sheets after 6:30 results in delays in moto building, and therefore delays in race time starts. 

In short: want motos to be posted and races to start on time? Check the rider sheets at 6:30 :) 

August Race Camps

August 11 & 12 - OTB Clinics Camp & Rain out date
If you're attending to make up for their rain out date, you're good! If you would like to join us for an additional sunday training day, please follow the link above.  it's only $70!

August 17 & 18 - Camp Cools is Coming to Stony!
There is always a wide range of ages (4-65) and skill levels (beginner to Elite) that attend each camp and we make sure to cover and teach all skill sets for each level and push each individual athletes according to their own ability. For more info please follow the link above. 

Volunteer Update

Many of you are worried about getting your volunteer commitment in, and we really want to help you to do it. Believe us, we really REALLY don't want to cash your volunteer cheque, and will do all we can to provide you with opportunities to get your volunteer hours in.

Here is a quick run down of some essential positions that need to be filled every time we are on the track, as well as a quick look at what's coming up next month:

Flagging: The track gets very busy with racers warming up. We NEED people flagging during that time. His is a safety issue.  We will now require flaggers to be on the track starting at 6:00pm. You will receive 2 hour credit for this. You can still come off the track to check motos for your child the shift is 6:00 - until racing ends)

First Aid: Same as flagging.

Track set up and take down: Setting up and putting away the lights and gates (super easy, and we'll show you how), taking out and putting away garbages and sweeping the track. This is a great job if you want to get hours in, and still want to be in the bleachers during races as it is a split shift.
The more rocks that are swept of the track, the safer our kids are. We need someone for this at 6:00-630 and 1/2 hour after races end.

Race registration: this is working alongside the Track Operator pulling rider cards and inputting the information into the computer (you will be shown what to do, and you will NOT be responsible for building motos). This shift runs 5:30 - 6:30 on race nights. This is a great way to get your volunteer credit in while your child is warming up on the track.

Concession: As well as having at least one person at the window, we do need additional help in there, from making candy bags to running the BBQ on hot food nights.

Looking ahead, there are opportunities galore! 
We are hosting Camp Cools and our very own Coach Kiran’s ‘On The Box Clinics’ rain make-up weekend in August. Additionally we are the final stop in the Aurora Northern Series and will require volunteers for ALL of it. As these are special events that fall outside of our normal races, we will have separate sign up sheets.

Please remember that every one of us is a volunteer.
We do this for the love of our kids, the love of the sport and the love of our track, but we absolutely CANNOT do this without help. If we all work together and do a part we can keep races running smoothly, on time and most importantly, FUN for everyone :)

Important Dates

In a Nutshell, here’s what you need to know to get you through our summer BMX schedule
Red Deer Provincial Series 3&4 - July 21&22. Holiday Inn Red Deer hotels give a wicked discount to Red Deer BMX family members. That's us. You should book with them. 
St Albert Aurora Northern Series Race #3 - July 27
Lethbridge Provincial Series 5&6 - Aug 11&12
OTB Clinics Rainout BMX Camp + 1 Day add on – August 11&12
Stony Plain Aurora Northern Series Wrap Up - August 17
Camp Cools -August 17&18, reg details to follow
St Albert Canada Cup/Provincial Series 7&8 - Aug 25&26
Okotoks Grands (Provincial Series Finals) - Sept 8&9

Stony Plain BMX Shop -