July 8 Newsletter

Welcome New Riders!

We have quite a few new faces on the track, which is awesome to see.
Parents and kids if you see someone standing at the track looking a little like a deer in headlights, please go over and introduce yourselves, show them some of our famous Stony Hospitality - and maybe help them out a bit, because we all know what those first few races were like! 

New Families, welcome. The best way to catch yourselves up to speed on what the heck you've gotten yourselves into is to head over to the newsletter link on our website and take a look at the early May posts.

Aurora Northern Series Race

This Friday Night in Red Deer, you should come! 
Remember, this series is winner take all, with a MASSIVE wrap up at our track - and the more races you attend, the more chances you have to win some of the epic prizing our clubs have planned.  
PLUS, next weekend is Provincial series 3&4... IN RED DEER!! So it would be a great opportunity to scope out the track ahead of the Provincial Race. 

Take a drive down for an evening race, or plan to stay overnight and attend Camp Cools on Saturday before heading back. 


Sign up at the motoshed for your casino shift NOW so you aren't stuck with something you don't want in order to avoid having your Vollie Cheque cashed....

Provincial Plate Numbers + Upgrades 

Please ensure that if your child upgraded after Grands last year (your child has a Provincial Plate - not an AB plate or N plate) you must place a ‘0’ in front of your earned number. For example; your rider earned a ‘5’ plate as a novice in the provincial series last year, but has since upgraded to intermediate. They’re plate will now be ‘05’. Come see us in concession for your '0'.

Compete 2 Contribute

Our kids are making some amazing Random act of Kindness artwork. Colouring will continue to be ongoing for the month of July.

Now comes the most important part:

For our club to have any chance of winning, we NEED participation of all members!  I can’t stress enough how important rider involvement is for this.

Our kids need to go out into the community to give the artwork to random people. With that, we have a few dates where can head out as a team to spread kindness. 

Wednesday night we will also have paint for the kids to paint kindness rocks to leave in public gardens throughout town... please bring an old shirt and plan to stay a bit late so kids can paint after practice!

July 15th - Spruce Grove public market
We will meet at 1:00pm at Columbus Park 116 Main Street


If you absolutely can’t make any of these dates, please let Lei know, either by email or stop by the moto shed. There are a few smaller events in the area that might be a better option for some in the coming weeks. And we can add a date or two as well.

Also, if your child would like to give a picture to a random stranger in a store, park, walking down the street etc… that is great too! Just take a picture (with permission, of course) and post it to social media so we can track our impact! We understand that this option may be a better fit for our families that live a little further away(events local to your area are great too).

If that is the option you choose, please come to the moto shed to grab a couple of labelled pictures

When posting, please use these hashtags and mentions

@stonyplainbmx #RideStony @bdcctc #ctc_parkland

And finally, to sweeten this a bit, time spent participating will count towards your volunteer commitment! Spreading joy, AND ticking off some hours! Can it get any better?

Ps. Rock painting is coming too…


Any questions or comments can be directed to Lei, lgryshik@telus.net

Jerseys, Apparel

Like those awesome green and black jersies but don't have yours yet?  Then GET ON IT!!!
We have had several inquiries into jersey purchases, AND people just keep on signing up to race!! So we aren't setting a last-order date until the end of the season.  However orders will only go in once a month in order to optimize shipping fees etc, so please keep that in mind when you place your order. 

I completely missed the Friday Apparel deadline.... mostly because it was absolutely gorgeous outside, but also because - well I forgot. So the order is going in Monday afternoon.  If you want to order something shoot me a quick message to let me know, and then order quick!!

There will not be another order this year, so this is your last chance to wear our logo loud and proud. 

Water Bottles - for anyone who ordered a water bottle, we are still waiting on them.  I'm sorry - as SOON as they're here I will get them to the track. 


Important Dates

In a Nutshell, here’s what you need to know to get you through June’s BMX schedule
Aurora Northern Series Red Deer - July 13
Red Deer Provincial Series 3&4 - July 21&22 - BOOK YOUR HOTEL NOW. Red Deer BMX has a block but it will expire soon.... 
Lethbridge Provincial Series 5&6 - Aug 11&12
OTB Clinics Rainout BMX Camp + 1 Day add on – August 11&12
Camp Cools -August 17&18, reg details to follow
St Albert Canada Cup/Provincial Series 7&8 - Aug 25&26
Okotoks Grands (Provincial Series Finals) - Sept 8&9