SPBMX Weekly - June 30, 2019

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Rain Repair Work bee TOMORROW! 
Auora Reg & Process
Camp Cools Sign up
Our Provincials Vollie Sign Up link

Rain Repair Work Bee Tomorrow! 

We realize this is super last minute, but the weather has cleared and the track has taken quite a bit of weather damage so now is the time.  The Track Maintenace Team has called a work bee tomorrow to try to get it back to racing condition in time for this week.  If you're around and would like to help, please meet us at the track tomorrow, 9am - 3pm. 

and on that note:

Stony Plain BMX Association is 100% volunteer run. It takes a LOT of man hours to keep our track race ready.  When we announce track closures, please respect the dedication and hard work of those volunteers, and STAY OFF THE TRACK. Your actions result in hours of work for our track team - who we are sure would rather spend their Canada Day with their families, not repairing your tire tracks.  

We recognize that there will always be members of the public who find their way into the track.  However as members of the Stony Plain BMX Association, we are asking you to respect these announcements and decisions. 

Aurora Northern Series - REGISTRATION IS GO

...tomorrow.  Watch social media and you inbox for the link once it's live. Registration will be done through zone 4, and sign up fee is $5 plus resulting fees for using Zone 4. 
This was done so that we can ensure the entire $5 fee intended for this race does indeed go back into prizing for the last race of the series (No really - we take everyone's fees and go SHOPPING after!).


We have also prepared the volunteer signup list for this event, so sign up now and get the spot you want that night.  Volunteer time for Aurora Northern Series counts towards your season volunteer credits. 

Camp Cools

Alright guys, now is the time. 
We've heard lots of talk of people intending on attending this camp (haha - come on, you know that was funny), but aren't seeing your names come through on our lists. 
So... now is the time!

Sign up for Camp Cools by etransferring treasurer@stonyplainbmx.com.  Please add your racer's names in the comments so we know who is coming.  Age and class if there's room, but not mandatory.

If you're planning on racing our provincial the weekend after, then this camp should be a no brainer ;).  Ken will get your racers mentally prepped for the race, and their track lines dialed in! 

Stony Plain Provincials - Vollie Sign Up READY!!! 

Sign up now to get the spots you want. There are positions for everyone and then some, so take a look. And don't worry, if you've never volunteered before we are happy to walk you through a role - or better yet, in the weeks leading up to our provincial, you will have the opportunity to volunteer in those positions for our races! 


Remember, volunteering at this provincial is MANDATORY.  No volunteering = we cash your cheque.

Deanne Miketon